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The Yuncture incubator program is the juncture between young talent and the business establishment. We have collected a wealth of award-winning expertise from those who have already found success in their business ventures. Together, we develop your business idea into a future sustainable and successful company.

Who we are

Gothenburg is teeming with young, driven people and promising new companies that have much to offer, and which have the potential to compete on both the national and international stage. Yuncture’s mission is to collect and foster these fresh talents. We facilitate natural contact between young companies and Gothenburg’s business community, thereby lending energy, expertise, and capital to the ideas that are born here.

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Yuncture is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gothenburg-based investment firm Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. The inspiration that became Yuncture began with the brainstorm of two colleagues at Hammarviken. They felt that the city lacked a clear leader when it came to helping young entrepreneurs struggling to break into the business world.

The team of mentors at Yuncture is made up of numerous experts from Hammarviken, a company with years of experience in developing businesses. One of the many proofs of the firm’s success is the fact that Hammarviken has landed at the top of Veckans Affärer business magazine’s list of Sweden’s top companies – for five consecutive years. Yuncture is now consolidating this competent and experienced business people to work alongside our next generation of talent. With the help of these expert advisors, Yuncture offers young entrepreneurs mentorship, capital, and an extensive networks of contacts in the business world – thus greatly improving their chances of success. Together, we build sustainable and successful companies of the future.

Our values

For us, the most important part of cooperation is that we enjoy working together and share common core values. Indeed, if there is anything we have learned over the years, it is that good relationships yield good results. We never lose sight of our guiding principles.

Here is your Y

Yuncture serves as a catalyst, offering unique opportunities by acting as an incubator that is grounded in business acumen. Young entrepreneurs who take part in our program receive ongoing advice from our investment committee about how to develop their business concepts or build their start-ups. The committee is made up of a panel of experts for whom building and developing businesses is already second-nature.

From Day One, our mentors, offering shortcuts to their extensive networks of contacts and businesses.

You are allotted office space at Hammarviken’s corporate headquarters, where we together  will help create the right conditions for your team’s success. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know the other Yuncture program participants.

Yuncture might see the opportunity to invest in companies.

The incubator program runs for 6 months, and we take on 3–5 companies per session. The limited number of admissions per period is a major positive – We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to fostering your success, and prefer to offer high-quality assistance to just a few companies at a time.

Welcome to your future

After 6 months, you will have completed our intensive program, and it will be time to make room for a new crop of Yuncture participants. You will have made huge strides in advancing your business, set new goals, and made a game plan for propelling your company into the future. But our collaboration will not end there.

Yuncture strives to cement long-term partnerships with the companies we foster. As your time in the program draws to a close, we will together examine your options, and consider what the ideal next step for your business might be. We will also discuss the future ownership structure of your company.

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Yuncture program

Yuncture program participants are characterized by intense drive, high ambitions, and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. In addition, these “Yunctures” are individuals who:

  1. Have created a unique product or service, but haven’t gotten up and running quite yet.
  2. Are a bit further along in developing their companies, but are eager to receive support and advice when it comes to growing their businesses and sharpening their strategies.
  3. Are in still in the concept stage.

We accept applicants from every industry, and welcome all manner of business ideas and companies. The only requirement is that we see real potential in your business. When considering program candidates, Yuncture also assesses how well our expertise matches your needs.

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